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Certification FAQ's

Q. Will certification ensure me employment?

A.  While certification is there to help you show and attest to your knowledge and continued education in the medical billing industry, it's not a guarantee of employment. Each employer will have their own means of screening employees. We do believe that those who are certified will receive better chances than those who are not.

Q. My certification has a date and an anniversary date? Does this mean I have to re-take the exam every year?

A. No. You will be required to submit CEUs (Continued Educational Units) by your certification anniversary date that is on your certification. Once you have submitted your CEUs and your PMRNC membership is in good standing you will be re-issued a new certification with a new anniversary date. You can download the CEU submission rules from  the left of this page.

Q. What if a potential employer wants to know more about my certification?

A. In addition to providing you with your certificate, we will also be happy to address your employer with a certified white paper that outlines our certification exams. We are the only association to do this! Just simply make a request to pmrnc@billerswebsite.com and provide your certification and contact information on where we should send the white paper. You also have the availability to provide this yourself, again with a special request to PMRNC. Under some circumstances we are also willing to speak to your potential client or employer and provide a reference based on your exam results. Please inform us ahead of time if this is needed.

Q. I already took medical billing courses that came with a certification, why do I need to obtain your certifications?

A. Most likely you received a certificate of completion for completing a course or series of courses for medical billing. These are not really true "certifications". Certifications are more an attestation of the experience/knowledge you already possess. One should  question the validity of a certification received after only going through some courses.

Q. What is the difference between the PMRNC certifications and other associations certifications?

A. That's hard to answer since our certifications were developed by experienced medical billers. PMRNC's educational staff consists of over 50 years combined experience in medical billing. We don't put down other association certifications as we believe that you can take ours along with other association certifications and be better prepared!

Q. Do I have to be a PMRNC member to maintain my certifications?

A. Yes, to maintain your PMRNC certifications you must remain a member in good standing and submit the required CEUs by each anniversary date. This helps us attest and insure you are continuing your education as a medical billing professional. It also helps to show employers or potential clients your commitment to education in an industry that is ever-changing.

Q. Are you certification exams updated?

A. YES! We are committed to updating our certifications as frequently as things change. It is not uncommon for us to update weekly, monthly or bi-monthly. When you commit to our certification exams you will receive the most up-to-date exam!

Q. I took a medical billing course through another program and received a certificate or diploma. Can I obtain CEUs for that course?

A. That would depend if you took the course prior to membership and prior to taking the certification exam(s). Be sure to download the CEU rules first to clarify whether you can carry-over some of the CEUs.

Q. I see that another medical billing course vendor is saying that certification and CEUs are not necessary. Is this true?

A. Yes, it is true that certification is not required to be a medical biller, however employers do look first at certified medical billers. CEUs are also an insurance to your potential employers that you are committed to ongoing education to maintain your certification. We think it's a little irresponsible for a medical billing educational vendor to give that as a reason for not offering true certifications.

Catalog of PMRNC Pre-approved CEUs (PDF) updated  7/25/2016

Download PMRNC CEU Submission Form (PDF)

Request Pre-approval of CEUs (PDF)

Certification FAQ's


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