PMRNC – A look at 2017!

PMRNC  is an association that has been dedicated to offering the very best medical billing resources, education and networking since 2001.  Our members include medical billers all over the United States who work in medical practices and facilities. We also have members who

Medical Billing Online Courses & Certifications

Medical Billing Online Courses & Certifications

PMRNC Educational Online Medical Billing E-Learning Courses!     Learn at your own pace!   Complete student support! Our instructors are available via online chat, phone or email throughout your entire course or certification exam experience.   Free updates! Even when

Love What you Do and Do What you Love!

Love What you Do and Do What you Love!

Valentines day is about “love” right? Well there are all kinds of love. I know that I “Love” my husband, my children but I also LOVE my career and my business. Is it the same kind of love? Of course

Medical Billing Business; How to Price your Services

With any service business you get the flexibility of choosing your fees and the method to which you arrive at those fees. There are a few methods to choose for and we will go over a few of them below.

Understanding the Medical Billing Industry

I’m  sure you have read the ad’s and seen the pictures of mom’s holding their child on their lap while in their pj’s and how they can earn a lot of money working from home? Is that possible? Of course

Coordination of Benefits, Medical Billers need to know MORE than Just Who is Primary!

It seems there are a lot of questions that arise about how to calculate adjustments and determine patient responsibility when there is more than one plan. This is considered Coordination of Benefits. As a medical biller today, and a claims