We see many posts and requests from billers looking for “remote” work. The fact is that most medical practices do not really save much from hiring remote employees. If you have the experience and the knowledge, why not start your own medical billing company?  Take a look at our article about the differences between work at home “employment” and starting your own business.  Learn why your success at starting a medical billing company of your own is much more achievable than trying to obtain remote employment.

If you are looking to start your own medical billing company, we have a great marketing guide to help you market your services.

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Our Medical Billing Marketing Guide contains four parts:2015certification

  • Part I – Basics
  • Part II – Tracking Results/Follow-up
  • Part III – Networking and Knowing your Competition
  • Part IV – Questions and Answers
  • Samples Included
  • Presentation Check List Included


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