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PMRNC recognizes that some medical billing course vendors promote certifications with just their courses. Some even claim that no CEUs are required or even needed. This is not completely untrue, however most medical practices today do require certification and a good medical billing certification will have a requirement to earn CEUs. The reasoning is simple and practical. The medical billing industry is an ever-changing one. New regulations, new codes, and new technology is always being introduced which means we are never done learning!” Medical billers today cannot truly be “certified” just by taking a few courses. A true certification is an attestation to the education and experience a medical biller possesses as well as their commitment to continued education. We suggest reading our blog post Dispelling the Myths about Medical Billing Certifications and the Difference Between Certificates and Certification.”

PMRNC offers seven individual courses for $129 or get all seven courses by purchasing our Master E-Learning Series for just $799.00. This set of courses consists of the following:medicalbillingcourses

  1. Medical Billing – An Introduction
  2. Understanding Health Insurance
  3. Coding and Modifiers for the Medical Biller
  4. Life Cycle of the CMS-1500 Health Claim Form
  5. Understanding Medicare, Medicaid and TRICARE
  6. Reading EOBs, Working Denials and Filing Appeals
  7. HIPAA and other Federal Regulations for the Medical Biller

Our online courses are backed by our commitment to continued education. Work with us one-on-one. We will be there to assist you every step of the way. Once you have completed your course You will be eligible to receive our free 60 days of career coaching. We will work with you as you develop your resume and we will be there to provide you with ideas and support! Our student support consists of online chat within our LMS, email and even phone support!

our Entrepreneurial E-Learning Series will be available in Novermber of 2016 for those who want to start their own medical billing business. The following courses are included with the Entrepreneurial E-Learning Series

  1. Startup and Setup of a Medical Billing Business
  2. Marketing Strategies for the Medical Billing Company
  3. Compliance and Compliance Setup for the Medical Billing Company

Our Entrepreneurial E-Learning Series is different from most other companies selling medical billing courses. These courses will focus completely on medical billing as a business, and we will provide you with guidance in creating your business plan, marketing plan, contracts and compliance plan!

PMRNC will also be rolling out specialty billing courses including:

  • Chiropractic Billing Course
  • Mental Health Billing Course
  • Dental Billing Course


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