Today, we already know that social media dominates. Online resumes can be so much more beneficial and can add a lot more value than the traditional resume that you fax over to a company or entity. If more people really KNEW the benefit of online resumes, everyone would be rushing to get one. Here are just some of the benefits:


Online resumes definitely speed up the process over manual paper or faxed resumes. Instead of mailing or facing a traditional resume while yresumeou wait days on end for an employer to receive it, you can simply provide a potential employer with a link to a professional and mobile responsive resume in seconds!

Online resumes make you visible to employers everywhere. Instead of having to mail or fax your resume, you can provide a professional online resume to any potential employer that will be much more professional, visual and engaging!  This then increases your chances of getting a job. Your potential employer is impressed with the time you took to have your resume professionally displayed and presented!


Online resumes make you visible to employers everywhere. You can easily engage and leave your resume link in many different social media platforms In addition to visibility, online resumes help you network. Even if you are not hired right away, the online resume allows you to introduce yourself to the world and build new connections with various others in the same industry!

Presenting more professionalism

Online resumes allow you the chance to have more creativity than a traditional resume would. In taking the care to build a creative online resume shows your professional skills and sets you apart from other applicants. Employers also get to see your personality and style and what exactly you bring to the table!

Online resumes make it possible for employers to see you are committed to investing your time, patience, and creativity in both yourself and your career.

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