This has been going on for many years, physicians and billing companies in the U.S. have been using offshore entities for their medical billing. This of course takes away jobs from American Billers as well as increases the risk of potential security breaches among patients who’s physician outsources to a company performing medical billing overseas.

Below is a post written by Cyndee Weston of American Medical Billing Association (AMBA).  This is a topic near and dear to my own heart and I know is close to the hearts of many of us U.S. Medical Billers. It deserves more mention, more notice and more conversation! Most of all it deserves MORE outrage from U.S. Medical Billers and Coders!

[Facebook Post by Cyndee Weston of American Medical Billing Association (AMBA)

“Did you know that ProfitMD (owned by Eli Global who also owns AAPC) offers RCM, Coding, Billing and related practice management services at 2.5%? No company could offer 2.5% unless they offshore their billing (much less a good job). They absolutely DO offshore all the work (I called them). So, they compete against their own coders, billers and members and they help doctors violate their Medicare Advantage Participation agreements which prohibits doctors from offshore outsourcing billing. They are not only competing against their OWN members, they are doing it at a ridiculously low rate that American billers/coders cannot compete with. Very sad.

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We at PMRNC thank you Cyndee Weston for your continued efforts in looking out for US Medical Billers! We promise to do our part in keeping US medical billing and coding training IN the United States! 

If U.S. Associations all banned together and refused to educate OFFSHORE entities, we could make a difference! Email your medical billing association, or coding stopoffshoreoutsourcingassociation today and express your concerns! Educate your physicians on the risks of outsourcing overseas today! Let’s take back American Jobs!

SOURCES:  “ProfitMD is a part of and financially backed by the Eli group. The group was founded in 1991 in USA and today has 4000 people operating from 20 locations globally.”…-a0155204908   – Establishes the ownership of the AAPC by the Eli Group/Eli Research   About Eli Global, a company that acquires businesses – Eli India is a part of Eli Global – Excellent resource for legal implications for Medicare/Medicaid contractors outsourcing overseas as well as indication that some laws prohibit offshore outsourcing.

If you have a problem with the above article from law360, here is the same article:  And here you will see the various OFFSHORE exam locations from the AAPC.—705687/#.VXnj8WxdWhk.facebook

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