So you have made the decision to start a career in medical billing! Maybe you have already taken courses and are now looking at certifications. Perhaps you don’t feel like you have learned enough to land that perfect job? Before you take another step, be sure you understand what comes AFTER your medical billing training program! We have had many come to us after finishing a course or courses elsewhere in the hopes of finding a job afterwards. When they don’t find that job, they become discouraged and may question the knowledge they obtained while undergoing their medical billing education. Some may need to take a few refresher courses or even start a new learning program. You may also just need to understand that as with any other profession, you have to start at an entry-level position in order to advance.

When I first decided to start my medical billing business I really didn’t decide on a career change in the traditional way most people do. In 1997, I was working full time as a claims examiner at a health insurance company. A family physician and long-time family friend needed help in a pinch and I helped him. I realized I had a knack for the other side because I had a complete understanding of health insurance, rules, regulations, Federal and State laws, coding, and policy contracts. What I didn’t have was actual medical billing“experience”. Experience is not something you can obtain from any course, a series of courses, university, college or any “how to” book! What I did find, however, that was ALMOST as good as experience, was the great network of medical billers I was so lucky to have found that made such a huge impact on my decision to start my business and ultimately find my passion.

I started PMRNC back in 2001 along with my still best friend Kirsten. She was looking to start a medical billing career or business. We became fast friends and helped each other navigate this crazy and ever-changing industry. I then met some other great mentors, including PMRNC’s present director of education Merry Schiff. We then partnered up years later to create some of the best medical billing courses and certification exams this industry has ever seen, and we are extremely proud of them!

Since 2001, PMRNC has educated and provided medical billers with the very best resources and networking opportunities! We take a lot of pride in delivering the very best up-to-date industry resources, educational courses and certifications. Our mission is to continue that tradition and strive to offer even MORE.

When you complete your medical billing courses with us, we don’t want to just give you a certificate and send you on your way. We want to be there for you as you take the next steps in pursuing your career or business start-up. That is why we have created something unique! Upon receiving your certificate of completion of our Medical Billing E-Learning Master Series, you will receive three months of coaching from us to help put you on the right path to success.

Our coaching program with our E-Learning Master Medical Billing Series consists of:

  • One-on-one meetings via phone, online chat or email. YOU choose the outlet of communication right for you.
  • We will assist you with creating your own personal strategic plan. Whether you want a career in medical billing or you want to venture out to start your own medical billing company, we can review all of your options so that you can make the right choice for you.
  • You will receive a FREE one year membership to PMRNC. If you were or are currently a PMRNC member, your annual renewal is FREE!
  • You will receive guidance on creating a business plan or a resume.
  • Above all you will receive our support and wisdom to help guide you in making the right choices in starting your new career.

Even if you took courses elsewhere…

So what if you already took medical billing courses elsewhere? NOT a problem. We understand many will come to us after they have already completed medical billing courses via another outlet. We still want to help! PMRNC is an association that was built on resources and continued education for medical billers.

Our structured coaching program is available to those even with experience and education that might not have a need for medical billing courses or those who have already taken courses and just need additional support to help place them on the right path. Our mission is not to judge your education past or present, but to be an additional support for you with a structured program to guide you.

PMRNC also offers two certifications to boost your resume and help you maintain continued education and confidence in your career as a professional medical biller.

If you would like more information about our coaching program, please visit our website at and click on “coaching”.

You can also contact us or one of our instructors directly!

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After your Medical Billing Courses…