A good set of teeth is a sign of healthy living

Many things can affect the teeth, and taking good general care of your mouth can have an effect on the way that your teeth look and how they age as you grow older. A good smile is one of the most attractive features of both men and women, and good dental hygiene can have a serious effect on the way that teeth can develop in children, and how they age with adults.  As well as dental hygiene, what a person eats, drinking alcohol and smoking can all have a significant effect on teeth. There are a good few ways that you can protect the teeth and help prevent things like tooth decay, and in many cases, a good set of teeth are an indication of a healthy living.

Good Oral Care

When it comes to having a good set of teeth, knowing how to maintain your teeth and prevent tooth decay is important. Visiting a dentist in London is a good option that you should make sure to have as part of your routine, and this is recommended at a minimum of once every six months. Dentists are likely to tell you a number of things about how to maintain good oral care. Brushing your teeth 2-3 times a day (morning and night) and in between meals if you feel it is necessary is the first step. While some people may suffer from sensitive teeth, there are specialist toothpastes out there that can help to alleviate this. Flossing is another optional form of dental care that should be carried out alongside brushing the teeth – not as a replacement.


One of the main indicators that a good set of teeth is a sign of healthy living, is because of how much of an influence diet can have. What you eat and drink can seriously contribute towards tooth decay, and so eating a balanced diet of fruit and vegetables, as well as starchy foods that are mainly wholemeal where possible can all have a positive impact on how good a set of teeth can be. Other things to consider when it comes to the way a diet can affect the teeth is through sources of protein and other non-dairy sources of protein.

However, foods that are high in fat and sugar can have a significantly negative effect on the teeth. Some of the foods with high sugars that should be avoided where possible include sweets, cakes, sugary drinks, fruit juice, table sugar, ice cream, and dried fruit. While sugars can occur naturally in foods such as fruits, these are only dangerous if blended and released from the structure of the fruit.  This is why a combined total of sugary drinks including fruit juice and smoothies should be no more than 150ml per day to keep teeth in check. Other foods such as curries and some soups, along with wine, tea and coffee can end up staining the teeth.


One thing that people should consider when it comes to maintaining a good set of teeth as well as a healthy life style is by reducing their alcohol intake. Alcohol can actually erode the surface of the teeth which reduces the enamel and ultimately weakens the teeth. In addition to this, drinking too much can also result in an increased risk of further problems such as mouth cancer. Combining alcohol and cigarettes can have a negative effect on the teeth, and also on a person’s health.



A Good Set of Teeth is a Sign of Healthy Living