2017 What's New?
PMRNC a look to the new year!

PMRNC  is an association that has been dedicated to offering the very best medical billing resources, education and networking since 2001.  Our members include medical billers all over the United States who work in medical practices and facilities. We also have members who own and operate their own medical billing companies.

PMRNC takes great pride in all of our resources and educational products Our online medical billing courses are constantly evolving and include continuous updates in an industry that changes constantly. Our complete E-Master Medical Billing Learning Series includes 90 days of free one-on-one coaching. Our coaches are also the authors of our medical billing courses; myself (Linda Walker) and Merry Schiff who is PMRNC’s educational director. Combined we have over 75 years of experience in medical billing. 2017 will also bring additional online courses such as:

  • Specialty Medical Billing Courses for mental health, Chiropractic and other specialty billing courses!


  • PMRNC Business Owners Course will help those who want to start a medical billing business. Not only will this course help you understand the setup of a medical billing business it will also take you through the steps necessary to create your very own compliance plan. Also included in this course series will be a full marketing guide with examples for you to use in your own marketing plan! This course series would also include 90 days of free coaching from our instructors!

Another great source of pride for us is our medical billing certifications. The C.H.R.S. (Certified Healthcare Reimbursement Specialist) and the C.H.I.S. (Certified HIPAA Information Specialist).

Certification exams are offered online in our robust and easy to use learning management portal. In 2017 we will also be offering a certification for medical billing business owners and managers (CMBSP) called the Certified Medical Billing Service Professional.

As we continue to look into the new year, we have great plans for expanding our members only area even further! We plan to offer members a tool, which they can track their CEUs, not only for PMRNC certifications but for all of the certifications they maintain. We also plan to expand our “Test your Knowledge” area to include many more topics. Currently we have quizzes that members can take to test their knowledge in a specific area such as COB (coordination of benefits) and HIPAA. We plan to offer the “Test your Knowledge” quizzes for many specialties such as such as chiropractic, mental health, physicial therapy, and more.  In addition to expanding our members only resources, We  will be offering  one-on-one coaching for those who may need more personalized help. Visit this link: http://www.billerswebsite.com/toc.htm for a comprehensive listing of all our member only benefits.

2017 is going to be a great year and we hope you will join us!

We will continue to do our very best in providing our members with the best resources, education and networking for medical billers!

Linda Walker
CEO of Practice Managers Resource & Networking Community (PMRNC)
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