How to make the most of your unwanted fat

We are constantly being bombarded with advice and news in the media about what our bodies should and should not look like and what constitutes as being healthy and attractive. It is no secret that a higher percentage of body fat is statistically proven to lower your life expectancy and can increase your chances of contracting heart disease, cancer and diabetes. However, it should also be noted that having no body fat and being underweight is also detrimental to your health. Ultimately, our post hopes to help you get the most out of your body and attempt to improve your chances of living a longer and better life. There are both mental and physical benefits to maintaining your body fat and our post should help to manage your weight for the better.

Sleep better

According to extensive research, sleeping for seven or eight hours a day can help you in the battle to lose weight. Sleeping allows your body to rest and helps them to recover after exercise. A lack of sleep or following an irregular sleep pattern is also linked to poor eating habits, so be sure to get some shut eye!

Transfer your fat

One of the easiest ways to make the most of your unwanted fat is by moving it from one part of the body to another through a Vaser fat transfer. It offers a subtle solution and allows you to take fat from areas such as the thighs or stomach and moves them to the breasts or buttocks (take a look at Kylie Jenner for an example of how fat transfer works. One of the best places to get affordable and effective fat transfer is in London.

Stay strong

Some people shy away from weights, but you should remember that using weights in your workouts will help to intensify the workout and help to build muscle to burn fat. If you are looking to make the most of your fat, then transform it into muscle by using weights when working out.

Eat more!

And we don’t mean eat more processed foods or fried foods- eating more in the sense of filling your body up with good food. You can add two fistfuls of greens and veg to every meal you have as these foods are full of nutrients, but low on calories, which means you can fill yourself up without piling on the pounds.

Add more vitamin D to your diet

While almost all of us will think of sun loungers and beach retreats when they think about vitamin D, there are some other ways in which you can absorb the key vitamin into your body. Vitamin D is essential for your muscle tissue to function effectively and can be gained from eating foods such as fish, milk and eggs. This is one easy way to ensure your muscles are stronger and work better when it comes to working off any unwanted fat you may wish to be rid of.

How to make the most of your unwanted fat