As with any kind of surgery, there are always going to risks. The key with deciding whether or not breast enhancement surgery is right for you is through conducting research and carefully considering each risk prior to going ahead with the surgical procedure of your choice. It is also important that you and your chosen surgeon go through all of the safety considerations and offer in-depth understanding of the risks associated with going under the knife. With that being said, the final decision when it comes to going ahead with breast enhancement surgery lies with you and you alone, which is why we have collected some of the most important health and safety issues that you should be exploring ahead of booking your initial consultation with a cosmetic surgeon.


Something to bring to light straight away when looking towards undergoing breast augmentation is the fact that implants are not designed to last for life and the longer they are left in your body, the more likely you will be to have to deal with complications.

Common problems

Make sure you are always aware of the main problems associated with your cosmetic surgery of choice. The most common complications of breast surgery include implant removal, reoperation, scarring, pain, asymmetry, skin wrinkling and infection at the point of incision.


You should always be prepared for the idea that you will more than likely need to go under the knife at some point in the future and have to deal with additional surgeries.


Over time the results that you experienced upon initial surgery may change and this can offer some irreversible and undesirable results. Be sure to discuss with your doctor/ surgeon how your breast may change over time so that you are prepared for this potential eventuality.


There is a low risk of developing BIA-AL CL cancer when going ahead and undergoing a breast enlargement procedure. The rare cancer is called ‘breast implant associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma’ and does not fall under the category of being a breast cancer. The cancer does, however, need to be treated with radiation and/or chemotherapy.


With breast implants, something to remember is that you will need to monitor your breasts for the rest of your life to keep an eye out for abnormalities. Similarly with silicone gel breast implants, you will have to undergo MRI examinations periodically to ensure that no silent ruptures have developed over time.

Whether you are considering breast reconstruction or augmentation, remember to weigh up your options and consider the repercussions of the procedure. Studies have so far shown that most of the women who undergo breast related surgery are typically very happy with their outcome and that despite there being no evidence when it comes to long term risks; there is no research to conclude that there is a link between the surgery and diseases. Finally, be sure to find a reputable surgeon who is open to discussing any possible problems and complications that may arise both during an after your surgery.

Are Breast Enhancement Procedures Safe?