testyourmedicalbillingHaving been in the medical billing industry for over 25 years, I’ve spent the last 15 years, helping people either begin a career in medical billing or helping them start a medical billing company/business. While I have had many opportunities to create courses, provide actual training, there are so many excellent courses and instructors out there in this business that I didn’t think I needed to reinvent the wheel. What I do enjoy is helping others make their knowledge “click”, so-to-speak.   When myself and my best friend started PMRNC back in 2000, the MAIN goal was to try and reach people who wanted to get into this business BEFORE they invested thousands of dollars unnecessarily. Over the last 15 years, I’ve noticed that there were becoming less and less scams out there and I’d like to think PMRNC along with other medical billing associations such as AMBA and MAB, have made a difference in the industry and where we are right now.

No ONE course, or educational program is going to give anyone ALL of the knowledge they need. I don’t think it’s possible for the BEST of the best of medical billing educators to give future medical billers all of the knowledge they need to possess to do their jobs or start and maintain their businesses.

For that reason, PMRNC has put together a series of “Test Your Knowledge” quizzes which we created to really challenge the knowledge of medical billers. These tests are indeed challenging, I have over 25 years in the industry and much of my experience comes from working wtih health insurance companies. I believe this industry needs a bigger push on what is being taught. That is why I made these quizzes to be very challenging. Those who have chosen this industry or are considering this as a career choice can really get an HONEST feedback about the education they received or didn’t receive. We do understand our quizzes are very challenging, however, we have done this with your best interests in mind so you can determine if the courses you took will best suit your needs and provide you with the necessary knowledge you need to be successful. testmedicalbillingknowledge

We will put our first quiz up for all to take at no cost. Our members only area will contain more advanced quizzes such as HIPAA, HIPAA advanced and Coordination of Benefits. We will be adding many more in the coming months. Join us as we continue to educate, and network with medical billers all over the United States!  And no, we do not provide training, membership, advertising or any endorsement to offshore medical billers or medical billing companies!

Visit our website at www.billerswebsite.com and click on “Test Your Knowledge” from the right hand navigation. Again, we are aware this quiz is very challenging and it is NOT recommended for someone who has no knowledge, experience, and/or has not taken any medical billing courses. The purpose of the quiz is to test the knowledge you have already obtained.

If you are already a PMRNC member, please login at www.billerswebsite.com/enter and click on the “Learning Center” from the left hand navigation.



Test YOUR Medical Billing Knowledge!!!

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